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                 Generation F4 / S4



A frequency inverter which has the software and hardware to meet the demands of most basic applications but yet remains easy to set up. Ideal for general speed control of conveyors, pumps, fans, handling systems. Has high dynamic capabilities for general start stop control.

A full function frequency inverter designed with versatility in mind. Many special software functions and hardware options suit this inverter for any open or closed loop speed control application.





The KEBCO COMBIVERT F4-F represents the newest and most versatile technology in AC motor field oriented control. With several software improvements the torque and speed control are the highest possible even with variations in motor characteristics.

Additionally, special functionality has been added to bring real time advanced motion control into the F4F at no additional cost! The F4F still boasts the same simple user interface and basic short parameter list for less demanding applications.

Whereas our COMBIVIS PC software program can be used to commission the most advanced position control schemes. Regardless of the application, Textile, Paper converting, Printing, Material Handling, Theater, Cranes & Hoists, Plastic Injection Molding, Motion Platforms, the KEBCO F4F Motor Control is the right choice for your next project.





C-Servo amplifier/motor packages with peak torque ratings of 5x nominal torque. Includes an angular synchronization control and an absolute/incremental positioning control built into the drive.

Torque: 2.6...620 inlbs.
Speed: 1000/2000/3000/4000/6000 rpm
Connection: 230V,460V




  The resulting range of fieldbus protocols favored by different manufactures presents a wide choice of standards. KEB recognizes that there's no single solution, so we support a number of the most popular filedbus systems. Different versions can be supplied for Interbus, Profibus, CAN, LON and KEB DIN 66019.